THE PERFECT WASH: Myths and Truths about Hair

Do I have to wash it every day? Does it grow more? Does it fall more? Read the experts opinion.

The hair is divided into root and stem. The root is what is under the skin (scalp) and the stem is the hair.

According Nueva Dermatología we lose between 50 and 100 hairs per day, product of the normal cycle of life, but they are immediately replaced by new hair.



According Grimalt Dermatology there is no shampoo in the market that can reach the hair´s root and thereby damage it. As washing does not affect the result, its frequency does not affect hair loss. For the root is indifferent whether you wash it once or five a weeks.

Another thing is the hair care products such as shampoos and conditioners that directly affect the stem. Washing too often can cause more oil production from the follicles. And not wash it often can lead to microbial growth and reduce capillary oxygenation.



Again, the important thing to remember is that while specific hair products can increase the thickness or shine, do not increase the quantity and improve the fall according to Dermatology Cat.

It is always advisable to seek products that suit our type of hair, and be as neutral as possible because additional chemicals may be abrasive for the fibers.



  • WASH: only when dirty, if it´s dry or normal 2/3 times a week, if not every day.
  • SHAMPOO: Use small amount of product, as a hazelnut in short or medium hair, and like a nut in long hair. Use shampoo once. Just put it in the roots. The long hair be washed when rinsing. Rinse with warm water
  • CONDITIONER: apply only on the long and never in the roots. 3 minutes rinse with warm or cold water
  • NOURISHING CREAM: apply only in the long and never in the roots. Do not mix with air conditioner, use one or the other. Leave 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly
  • DRYER: use it as less as possible, heat affects the hair fiber and can dry it. Use always a thermal protector to minimize heat damage.

Try these simple tips and you´ll see the difference!


“They All Hate Us” Girls: copy the look

We copy the look of these two Australian fashionistas Elle Ferguson y Tash Sefton founder of “They All Hate Us”.

Surrounded by the sea and endless beaches these bloggers and designers bring us their simple looks that manage to combine great styling and fabrics.

To achieve this look we have to look for extra large clothes, one color outfits (mostly white) and denim fabrics.

Add some waves in your hair to complete.

Find their clothes below. On instagram @elle_ferguson y @tashsefton 😉


Businesswoman, heiress, Princess, blogger, mother, wife and also successful designer.

Marie-Chantal of Greece is a multifaceted woman, with American and Ecuadorian origin, who has managed to create and expand her luxury brand.

In 2000 she began Marie-Chantal, designed to cover a market niche unexplored as was the luxury clothing brand for children.

With simple lines and sober colors, her clothing line gives a lot of attention to details. Fabrics, designs and manufacture are controlled to detail to bring the consumer a differentiated product.

With competitors like Chloe, Stella McCartney, Gucci, Missoni and Burberry, the luxury market has been extended in this area and continues to grow.

And in this context Marie-Chantal has opened new physical stores, sell through intermediaries as Sacks and Barneys, and created an online store.

With the posibility to open new stores in Europe and expand its network of strategic partners, the brand continues its evolution.

The personal style of Marie-Chantal on her brand is the competitive advantage that customers are identified with and whay they choose her products.

We love everything she sells in her store, and what she writes on her blog. Her instagram account is almost like a postcard. Follow her!

Our favorites items are the dresses and the wings on babies designs.


Photo courtesy of Marie-Chantal

BLACK and WHITE: the best choice for you

The black and white look is easy to achieve and gives an air of sophistication and style. It is used by fashion bloggers like @vivaluxuryblog and also by celebrities as it has many possibilities and always ensures a successful combination.

To achieve this fashionista outfit please look  the effects that each color and find out the best option for your body type.

White has the ability to attract forward and draw attention, catches the eye straight to where you put it. This means that when you want to give volume to one part of your body, your best choice is white. For example if you want to highlight your bust wear a white top o one with details in white on the neckline.

Black, however, absorbs colors and sets in the background all you saw. What at first sight means that hide lines and reliefs. If you have some part that you want to hide wear this color. For example, if your hips are prominent or your legs are heavier, look for a black pants that will help you hide those areas.

With this information you can choose, according to your body shape, what color to wear in each case.

Find out the perfect match for you:

  1. If your weight is on the bottom of your body (like a PEAR): choose black on bottom and white on top
  2. If you have broad shoulders and small hips (like a CARROT): uses black above and white below
  3. If your weight is on the middle (like an APPLE): wear a black top and add some details in white on the neckline, and a white bottom
  4. If your figure is athletic and straight (like a BANANA): wear in the waist black and white at the neckline and hips
  5. If you have a lots of curves (like an HOURGLASS): wear in the waist black and white at the neckline and hips to highlight them

As an additional tip these suggestions also works to dark and light colors.

Try it in front of a mirror and see the big difference you can make 😉


Photos by @vivaluxuryblog

The perfect breakfast: porridge

Much has been heard of the famous porridge, not only by blogs but also of celebrities known for their healthy lifestyle, including Elsa Pataky and her husband Thor (Chris Hemsworth).

The health benefits are many but what interested me most was that according to a study by Harvard University there is a relationship between the consumption of whole grains and increased life expectancy.

I leave you my version that it´s a bit more limited in terms of calories. If, like me, you got a few extra pounds, I recommend you to use this recipe.

As Anthony Bourdain says, you have to try it 3 times first ;)


1/4 cup oatmeal (which comes raw with big flakes)

3/4 cup water (you can use also milk)

1/2 tablespoon of honey

Stevia (or some natural sweetener)

2 egg whites

1 teaspoon of chia seeds

Blueberries (you can also use fruit, homemade jam, nuts)


Combine oats, water and stevia in a container. Bring to medium heat and stir until the porridge becomes soft and creamy.

Remove from heat and add the egg whites, stirring vigorously with a fork.

Once again mix well and cook 1 more minute.

Remove from heat and put in a bowl.

Add cranberries and honey above. Bathe with chia seeds.

Enjoy it!


Pic courtesy from pinterest: bbcgoodfood

Elsa Pataky and Women’secret: I’m so excited

We love to see this kind of videos that highlight the femininity of the woman for the woman herself.

Excellent team work with Elsa Pataky and Women’secret where Elsa successfully test their singing skills. You You can see the full video in

It almost makes us want to put on the music and start dancing. Right?


Myth: the pic´s hairstyle must look like the same on me!

Mmmm Let’s think about it.
To get that nice pic you see you need:
-a stylist / hairdresser with a professional expertise (the most of us only have a brush)
-a photographer who takes the best angle with the right light and use photoshop to remove imperfections (you got a camera on your cell)
-a team that style the place, with light, colors, reflectors, etc. (I took the photo in the bathroom or the living room where I have more light), and you makeup artist (we are not professionals here)
-and with a team leader who coordinates all (thanks if you got five minutes in the day to take care of you while you take care of all the rest: work-home-children)
The idea should be that the picture inspire you, try to do something similar, but do not expect to see exactly the same.
With time and practice we all improved. Maybe after the second time your hairstyle doesn’t look good, but on the tenth you´ll look much much better.
We are all beautiful in our own way :)

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