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Ideas para organizar tu closet

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The first thing we need to do to improve our wardrobe is organize it!
It happens often that I look for something and don´t know where it is!
Let’s begin:
1. First take everything out of the close! ALL … do not cheat;)
Put the different items in 3 piles:
a- what you are going to KEEP
b- what you are going to STORE: Do not keep things have not used in a while …
c – items that you’re going to DONATE: clothing that is too big, broken, outdated ….put everything you do not use for more than a year (it’s hard … I know … I had a dress that I bought 13 years ago and use just one haha)
2. put the clothes from pile A in the closet. Surely it starts to look nice
3. Save the pile B in places that use less in your wardrobe
4. Be creative with the rest. For shoes you can use these boxes or metal frames where you put everything on the floor of the closet. And for accessories (belts, wallets, bags) you can use hooks that stick to the wall. The important thing is that it is organize :)
5. You’ve done all the above steps? Now it’s time to relax, take some wine and rest. You deserve it :) :) :)

I hope you enjoyed it and thanks for reading.