¿Dónde ir de vacaciones?

There comes that time of year where we go on vacation.
The question is where are we going?
The truth is that we can not afford to go anywhere like if we are millionaires.
My suggestion, something I did and I worked for me, is to make a small list of things that can help you with your decision.

The steps:
1. Make a list of 5 places you like to visit. If you do not know View places in Google Maps, or look up in a travel agency. Ex .: Riviera Maya (you got several cities here), Rio de Janeiro, Miami, London, París…
2. Think how many days to have for the trip. I got 14 days 🙂
3. Now calculate the cost of each: tickets, hotel, car and food. In my experience you should not buy packages as they are much more expensive than organize the trip by yourself. For the accommodation you got several places in each country where apartments are rented (in Brazil View aluguetemporada.com.br) or hotels (http://www.booking.com/).
4. Assign a score to each city according to your likes. I put: Miami 10 Riviera Maya 9 Rio de Janeiro 10 London 20! haha….
5. Make the choice! This is the most difficult step. The idea is that you see in the balance the cost and the desire that you got to go there!
5. And this is very important: once made a decision Do Not hesitate !! Making the decision is as important as taking action.

And once you reach your destination rid of everything and have a good time! And remember that it will take you a few days to relax.
Good holiday and you enjoy it! 🙂

What do you think?

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