Today we bring you a topic that pursues us since adolescence

The perfect jean exist? The answer is YES, OF COURSE

Here we will tell you which is the best for you, that magic that highlights what needs to be highlighted and hides the rest that we do not want to see!


If you have a wider waist and you have thin legs: your body is shaped like an apple.

Look for a jean with wide booties and high or middle waist to give you support in the middle. Look for light colors and combine them with dark tops. Avoid the skinny jeans.


If the upper body is small, with narrow shoulders and small bust, with the waist marked, flat stomach and big hips: your body shape is a pear.

Look for jeans that are straight and with medium or low waist. Avoid the skinny, and also those with pockets on the sides, or with prints, or embroidery on the hips.


If your shoulders are wide, with a medium or large bust, and your hips are small, your body has an inverted triangle.

Look up for jeans with wide booties, that will balance your figure.


If your body have an athletic style, with shoulders and hips of similar size, and a straight waist: your body has a rectangle shape.

We suggest skinny jeans with high waist. You can abuse of prints or colors.


If your body have a lot of curves with a small waist: your shape is hourglass.

Look for jeans with a straight or narrow cut (skinny), made of thin fabrics, and with medium or high waist. Choose dark colors.


1. You can save a little time by looking in online stores if they have the one you are looking for and in your size.

2. Try them in different brands

3. Choose thin fabrics for summer and heavy for winter

Finding the perfect jean is very easy with these tips. And, you will look amazing.

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