3 Super Tips para ahorrar para las vacaciones

We all know that it’s not easy to save money for trips, that there are always other priorities on our list of expenses and that we often decide to postpone them.

For all travelers we have 3 tips that can help you. And not only to go on vacation, but to stay there longer, in a better place and spending much less than you think.

Tip No. 1: Anticipate

The number 1 rule of tourism companies is that a shorter time, more demand and more expensive goes out.

This means that if you buy your ticket and hotel with a lot of anticipation you will find better prices.

And how much is much? 1 year before is ideal. At that time they have little demand, so you will see many offers.

If you are changing plans often make sure you buy tickets that you can change the date for little money.

But beware: if you like risks and are brave and driven, you can buy them the same day you travel. That day go to the airport counter and can get real deals at the last minute. The airlines want to take the plane full so ask that they already know the bargain travelers.

And for the hotel is the same, in advance you can freeze the price, and then if there is inflation, devaluations or whatever, you have already paid everything and the changes in the economy affect you a little less.

Tip No. 2: In group

It is important that you know that to a larger number of guests, the cost of vacations is lower.

Although this concept does not apply to airfare, since most airlines do not give group discount unless you have a prior commercial agreement.

Also consider that the food in groups is also cheaper. And if you travel by car can share the fuel costs among several.

Recommendation: go with people you know previously and with whom you have good vibes.

Tip No. 3: Be flexible

While it is true that you can plan and make an effort to get the money to your dream trip, it is also true that you have to enjoy it and try to go on vacation is the least stressful possible state.

So we suggest that you have a Plan A, B and C.

In Plan A doesn´t go well, go to the cheaper B. And if that one doens´t work either go for the C instead.

Plan C is to do tourism in your own city. Feel a tourist and get contagiate from those who come from outside. You will end your vacation knowing a little more about where you live and having saved a lot.

The important thing is that, after any vacation you do, you will come back with another perspective, and with an anecdote or two to tell your friends.

Good trip.

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