Businesswoman, heiress, Princess, blogger, mother, wife and also successful designer.

Marie-Chantal of Greece is a multifaceted woman, with American and Ecuadorian origin, who has managed to create and expand her luxury brand.

In 2000 she began Marie-Chantal, designed to cover a market niche unexplored as was the luxury clothing brand for children.

With simple lines and sober colors, her clothing line gives a lot of attention to details. Fabrics, designs and manufacture are controlled to detail to bring the consumer a differentiated product.

With competitors like Chloe, Stella McCartney, Gucci, Missoni and Burberry, the luxury market has been extended in this area and continues to grow.

And in this context Marie-Chantal has opened new physical stores, sell through intermediaries as Sacks and Barneys, and created an online store.

With the posibility to open new stores in Europe and expand its network of strategic partners, the brand continues its evolution.

The personal style of Marie-Chantal on her brand is the competitive advantage that customers are identified with and whay they choose her products.

We love everything she sells in her store, and what she writes on her blog. Her instagram account is almost like a postcard. Follow her!

Our favorites items are the dresses and the wings on babies designs.


Photo courtesy of Marie-Chantal