BLACK and WHITE: the best choice for you

The black and white look is easy to achieve and gives an air of sophistication and style. It is used by fashion bloggers like @vivaluxuryblog and also by celebrities as it has many possibilities and always ensures a successful combination.

To achieve this fashionista outfit please look  the effects that each color and find out the best option for your body type.

White has the ability to attract forward and draw attention, catches the eye straight to where you put it. This means that when you want to give volume to one part of your body, your best choice is white. For example if you want to highlight your bust wear a white top o one with details in white on the neckline.

Black, however, absorbs colors and sets in the background all you saw. What at first sight means that hide lines and reliefs. If you have some part that you want to hide wear this color. For example, if your hips are prominent or your legs are heavier, look for a black pants that will help you hide those areas.

With this information you can choose, according to your body shape, what color to wear in each case.

Find out the perfect match for you:

  1. If your weight is on the bottom of your body (like a PEAR): choose black on bottom and white on top
  2. If you have broad shoulders and small hips (like a CARROT): uses black above and white below
  3. If your weight is on the middle (like an APPLE): wear a black top and add some details in white on the neckline, and a white bottom
  4. If your figure is athletic and straight (like a BANANA): wear in the waist black and white at the neckline and hips
  5. If you have a lots of curves (like an HOURGLASS): wear in the waist black and white at the neckline and hips to highlight them

As an additional tip these suggestions also works to dark and light colors.

Try it in front of a mirror and see the big difference you can make 😉


Photos by @vivaluxuryblog

Elsa Pataky and Women’secret: I’m so excited

We love to see this kind of videos that highlight the femininity of the woman for the woman herself.

Excellent team work with Elsa Pataky and Women’secret where Elsa successfully test their singing skills. You You can see the full video in

It almost makes us want to put on the music and start dancing. Right?


Resolution N°1: How to organize your closet

The first thing we need to do to improve our wardrobe is organize it!
It happens often that I look for something and don´t know where it is!
Let’s begin:
1. First take everything out of the close! ALL … do not cheat;)
Put the different items in 3 piles:
a- what you are going to KEEP
b- what you are going to STORE: Do not keep things have not used in a while …
c – items that you’re going to DONATE: clothing that is too big, broken, outdated ….put everything you do not use for more than a year (it’s hard … I know … I had a dress that I bought 13 years ago and use just one haha)
2. put the clothes from pile A in the closet. Surely it starts to look nice
3. Save the pile B in places that use less in your wardrobe
4. Be creative with the rest. For shoes you can use these boxes or metal frames where you put everything on the floor of the closet. And for accessories (belts, wallets, bags) you can use hooks that stick to the wall. The important thing is that it is organize :)
5. You’ve done all the above steps? Now it’s time to relax, take some wine and rest. You deserve it :) :) :)

I hope you enjoyed it and thanks for reading.

What NOT to wear at Work

Remember that the way you dress says a lot about you and can give the right impression or the wrong one ….
These are the basics that NO TO USE:

-Clothing shabby: stained, disjointed …. except those worn jeans that are so fashionable. Use them with shirt and high heels :)
-Tennis Shoes: go well for weekends or after work. Choose flats instead
-Transparency on inappropriate places: live it for nights out. I preferred some details on shoulders or sleeves that give you a touch of class
-Plunging necklines: show skin is not always the best way to take you seriously. But if you like to show some skin ….shapely arms and defined legs are your best option.
-Miniskirts: unless your job requires it …. The skirts must reach above the knee. Tips: If with yours fingertips touch the bottom of the skirt … leave it for the weekends.
-Baseball caps: a definitive no haha … but for Sunday are perfect :)
-Houte couture: not a gateway … it is important not to exaggerate. Use details that bring you a touch.
-Very short shorts like Daisy in the Ducks do not go well here … I preferred fabric and a little longer, with shirt and shoes are great
-Tight and revealing clothes: mmmm no! haha … this style can give the wrong message. [/ dropcap]

Remember that the image is important, is how people see you and sometimes even how thay treat you. All agree that experience and hard work does not replace a good wardrobe in the office. But … we also agree that appearance matters.
Don´t use dark suits either. The good thing about being a woman is to be able to play with our style and have some fun along the way.

I hope these tips can help you and thank you very much for reading! :)


This Girl Can is a great campaign lunched in UK.” This Girl Can celebrates the women who are doing their thing no matter how they do it, how they look or even how sweaty they get. They’re here to inspire us to wiggle, jiggle, move and prove that judgement is a barrier that can be overcome.”

“This Girl Can is here to inspire women to wiggle, jiggle, move and prove that judgement is a barrier that can be overcome.”

Your Body Shape and How to Dress it

Did you know that …..
There are several forms of body shape according to where you got more curves or not!
The body shapes are:

  • Apple: wide waist, prominent abdomen, average or large bust, broad shoulders, thin arms and legs.
  • Pear: narrow shoulders, small breasts, flat stomach, wide hips and thick legs.
  • Hourglass: cinura defined thin, shoulders and hips in a similar width.
  • Inverted triangle: broad shoulders, narrow hips, long and skinny legs, straight and defined waist.
  • Rectangle: athletic body, wide waist, shoulders and hips the same width.

Emmmm I have many curves in some places and no one in others haha
Well, the clothes which will flatter you best will depend on your body shape
We are beautiful …. or at least have a couple of nice things :) so no matter if you’re a apple, pear or whole fruit shop …. what matters is that you’re a beautiful and juicy fruit hahaha :)