Myth: the pic´s hairstyle must look like the same on me!

Mmmm Let’s think about it.
To get that nice pic you see you need:
-a stylist / hairdresser with a professional expertise (the most of us only have a brush)
-a photographer who takes the best angle with the right light and use photoshop to remove imperfections (you got a camera on your cell)
-a team that style the place, with light, colors, reflectors, etc. (I took the photo in the bathroom or the living room where I have more light), and you makeup artist (we are not professionals here)
-and with a team leader who coordinates all (thanks if you got five minutes in the day to take care of you while you take care of all the rest: work-home-children)
The idea should be that the picture inspire you, try to do something similar, but do not expect to see exactly the same.
With time and practice we all improved. Maybe after the second time your hairstyle doesn’t look good, but on the tenth you´ll look much much better.
We are all beautiful in our own way :)

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